Repetsun Automatic Cat Feeder 3.5L Pet Feeder Dog Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs with Stainless Steel Food Bowl, Visible Window and Memory Function,10 Voice Recorder,4 Meal Portion Control



  • [Clog-free 3.5L Food Tank] 3.5L capacity could consistently smoothly feed your pet with a scheduled feeding for 2-3 weeks. Pet feeder customized healthy diet for your cats and dogs. At the same time keeps food fresh and delicious for every meal. Suitable for short trips, holidays, and early mornings. What a lifesaver for pet parents!
  • [Programmable & Flexible Timed Feeding]Automatic pet feeder adjusts the amount of food in each meal, up to 4 meals daily with 1-20 portions on time, Each serving is about 10 grams (about 1/8 cup). No more pre-dawn wake-up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night!
  • [Dual Power Supply]Use the 5V DC adapter while sustaining the auto cat feeder power via 3 alkaline D-type batteries (not included) installed in case of power outages, ensure your pet doesn't miss a meal. The pet food dispenser runs with a memory function, so there is no need to reset the feeding schedule if power is lost. perfect for pet parents with a very busy schedule or singles who travel for days at a time.
  • [10 Personalized Recordings]Automatic Pet Feeder trains your pet with a 10s recording of your voice. which can help you to call your pet to come and enjoy their meal time while enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping it fed regularly. Feel safe and well taken care of for pets.
  • [Memory Function]Equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure. Automatic food dispenser with a memory function so no need to reset the feeding schedule if power is lost.No longer wastes your time

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