Large Capacity Automatic Water and Food Dispenser



  • 🐱[Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser] The package includes 1 feeder and 1 pet water dispenser, wet and dry, to meet the needs of your pet to eat and drink. A large capacity feeder with a water bucket capacity of 1L and a food bucket capacity of 2.5L, the cat can eat for about four or five days, and you can go out with confidence.
  • 🐱[Gravity Feeder] Automatic pet feeder and waterer with gravity feeding design, no electricity required, will automatically stop when it reaches a predetermined location and can help you free your hands. The sealed lid on the top keeps the cat food dry and prevents spoilage.
  • 🐱[Siphon Design]-The automatic water dispenser for cats uses a siphon design, when the water in the tank reaches a certain height, the water will stop, which can prevent water leakage. The floating plate design of the water bowl can also prevent the pet's black chin.
  • 🐱[Material Safety] The cat food and water bowl set is made of high-quality plastic, PET material, safe and durable to take care of your pet's health. Suitable for most pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, etc., even if multiple pets are used together, it can work well.
  • 🐱[Visual Design] The feeder and water dispenser are both visualized so you can see the amount of food and water left, making it easier for you to know when to add feed and water. The cat feeder automatic is removable and it is recommended to clean it once a week before adding food and water.


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