Long Dog Reflective Leash




Material: Nylon and foam
Color: black, orange

Long Climbing Lease, Recall Training Tracking Obedience Reflective Leash for All Size Dogs


S: Leash Length 2m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"
M: Leash Length 3m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"
L: Leash Length 5m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"
XL: Leash Length 10m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"
XXL:Leash Length 15m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"
XXXL:Leash Length 20m, diameter 0.8cm/0.31"


1. High quality nylon durable
2. Outdoor tracking leash, suitable for training, climbing, hiking
3. Reflective, safe to travel at night or in bad light
4. The hook can withstand 220lbs pulling force
5. Comfortable foam padded handle

Package included:

1Pcs dog leash

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