Tactical Vest Harness and Easy Control Training Collar with Bungee Leash Set All Dog Breeds



  • A GREAT SAVING, ONE-STOP BUYING---A full tactical dog harness collar leash set including 1 military dog vest harness + 2 backpack pouches + 1 tactical training dog collar with quick release buckle + 1 adjustable bungee training dog leash with 2 padded handles..
  • NO PULL & EASY CONTROL---The padded dog collar with a foldable handle, the breathable vest harness with a D ring on the front chest and 2 handles on the back, the tactical dog leash with 2 handles, all these designs are special for better control and no pull during training and walking.
  • ESCAPE PROOF & METAL BUCKLED HARNESS---The harness with 2 strong metal buckles, each bearing 1000LB, each nylon buckle past the 120LB test. The 2 D rings and the 2 handles on the back bring better control. The side molle system is designed for attaching to pouches patches etc. The chest&belly part better protects the dog's delicate belly and supports dog's weight.
  • HEAVY DUTY MILITARY DOG COLLAR---The tactical dog collar buckle is heavy duty and quick release.It's padded with soft cotton form for comfortable wearing, perfect for dog training and walking.
  • ADJUSTABLE BUNGEE DOG LEASH---The tactical dog leash is made of strong nylon wepping and bungee,with 2 padded handles.It's perfect for protecting dog's neck and trainer's hands during a sudden pull.The length is adjustable for different use, the hook is strong and durable, D ring is useful for attaching poop bag dispensers or keys, etc


▪ Full Body Protection
▪ Maximum Adjustment ability
▪ Rich Functionality

Product size composition

S size: M size collar+S size harness
M size: M size collar+M size harness
L size: L size collar+L size harness
XL size: XL size collar+XL size harness

Measurement Size for Collar

M size:
Girth: 34-42cm, Width:3.8cm

L size:
Girth: 43-50cm, Width:3.8cm

XL size:
Girth: 51-61cm, Width:3.8cm

Measurement Size For Harness

S size:
Forebreast Girth: 40-68cm, Chest Girth: 62-84cm

M size:
Forebreast Girth: 62-80cm, Chest Girth: 77-99cm

L size:
Forebreast Girth: 68-105cm, Chest Girth: 87-115cm

XL size:
Forebreast Girth: 74-112cm, Chest Girth: 93-122cm

Military Standard Material

Full Adjustment Strip

Durable Buckle

Soft Padded and Breathable Mesh

Practical Design

Convenient and Safety

Color Display