Voice Recording Buttons for Pet Communication Training




  • 【Pet Training Buzzer】Dog talking button set record commands such as 'FOOD', 'EAT', 'DRINK', 'PLAY', 'YES', 'NO', ETC. Let your pet communicate with you; with a little patience, you can get inside your pet's head. Dog talk button set is suitable for all kinds of small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, and more.
  • 【Pet Starter Pack】Dog command buttons sets come with 4, 8 , and11 Pcs buttons for your dog to press to communicate, 3 in 1 dog button mat, 48 scene stickers, the pet button set comes in 9 different bright colors including Red, Rose Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lake Blue, and Purple, enough for your daily use and can be changed and shared when needed, making it the ideal pet communication talk toy.
  • 【3 IN 1 Dog Communication Buttons Mat】Dog word button training mat is made of high-quality rubber, which is very durable, waterproof & moisture proof. The dog button mat has 3.1" diameter printed circles, which are placements for up to 9 dog buttons. 3-in-1 dog button mats come in 3 different shapes and sizes to help keep your pet's buttons organized, and you can also randomly place buttons to develop new games for your pet.
  • 【Recordable Dog Buttons】Dog voice button have a built-in metal 3.9 ohm speaker for louder and clearer playback volume. Simply press and hold the (REC) button to use, start recording when you hear a "beep", release the REC button when recording is complete and you can hear a "beep" sound, click the button and hear your recorded voice. Pet button recording time within 30 seconds (2 AAA batteries not included)
  • 【High Quality & Multi-Functional】Dog speech buttons are made of high-quality ABS plastic with a reinforced finish that helps withstand pets tapping and stomping during use. The dog buttons are not only suitable for pet training but also can be applied to pranks, desktop gadgets, messages, entertainment interaction, etc



Product Information:

Product name: Button sound box

Product size: φ 88X42

Net weight: 57g

Input voltage: 3V (two No. 7, AAA batteries)

Recording time: 30 seconds


【30 Second Clear Recording】

The Record button allows you to record up to 30 seconds of clear sound. You record other sounds or sound effects. The sound is clear. At the same time you can repeat the different sounds recorded. And it's very portable with its small size. Perfect for families to get together and play games when they go out on picnics and outings. Very practical and fun!【Easy to Use】

1.Click the REC button, begin to record voice message after hearing the “beep”;

2. Release the REC button after finishing recording, then you can hear “beep beep”;

3.Click the button, you will hear your recording voice. The battery can be installed and disassembled without tools.【Pet Training Buzzer】

You can record commands such as "food", "drink", "outside", "yes" and "no" to let your pet communicate with you; just a little patience can make you understand the pet's mind. Very suitable for training cats, dogs and other pets, different color buttons can be used as options for different training.



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