Moestar Retractable UFO Pet Leash With LED Light Night Walk




With more than 30 improved designs, a new second generation of walking leashes has been launched. Through the optimization design in structure and material, the second version of the traction leash can bear an 80% higher tension than the first generation of traction rope.

Retractable style design, the dog leash can auto stretch out and draw back, so you can walk your dog easily. Walk your dog freely in an open area with a hand braking, release and recoiling system.

3M total leash length, a delicate balance between free movement and controllability.

The ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle makes the grip more soft and comfortable for you to use.

Equipped with LED front lighting. Breathing lights on both sides can change 3 colors.

Package included:

1 x Moestar dog leash

1 x USB charging cable (Type-C)

Optional items:

1 x Poop bag holder(optional)

1 x extra rope (optional)

Optional Poop Bag:

Optional Extra Elastic Rope:

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